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Welcome to my website!  As you know, Covid-19 has forced many people to change and adapt the way they work and I'm no exception.  So, after 2 seconds thought, I made the decision to convert my garage into a new drum room (man cave) and music studio, which is now complete. I've had my Covid vaccination
(click on the image gallery on the right if you're on a laptop and above, on a mobile) but can't teach face to face yet but I will however, resume drum lessons for new and existing students one on one, when restrictions are relaxed and allow me to do so.  If you're intrigued how things turned out, have a browse through the timeline pictures of the build by clicking the New Drum Room link above.  I even managed to get a double Mark Bass cabinet and the piano in too, result!  In the meantime, I am taking bookings for online lessons.  Just click on the Zoom link above to book your first taster lesson.

For those who don't know me, I offer 'private' pro drum lessons, not drum classes, as everyone is an 'individual' in terms of learning new skills. I strongly believe that teaching ‘one on one’ produces ‘by far’ the best results that enable me to adapt and tailor my approach to match each student and their preferred way of learning and processing information. I have the most 5 star reviews of any drum tutor in the Banbury area, so whether it’s drum lessons for adults or drum lessons for kids, as a beginner, I always manage to find a way forward that is both fun and rewarding and not too stressful for each student.

I teach privately at my purpose-built, 'soundproofed' and air-conditioned drum studio located at ePianos Music Academy in Banbury (formerly One Man Band Music Shop in Banbury), St. Johns Priory, Christopher Rawlins Primary School.  I am 'Child Safeguard' certified; click here to view my certificate.  I also hold three 'enhanced' DBS/CRB certificates; click here and here to view all three certificates.  For video directions to the studio, click here.

To view my Public Liability Insurance certificate; click here.  I'm happy to provide references for the above posts. I teach from age 5 upward using varying methods that I have acquired from more than 30 years of classically based education and graduation from The Musicians Institute in the USA. I teach all aspects of drumming from sight-reading, kit tuning; click track work, equipment maintenance, gigging, sessions and everything else drum related. I also do a lot of improvisational work, playing to all manner of artists.  I have played in many musical set up's from pit orchestra, classical, Jazz, Rock and Fusion mix. I also do studio session work. My teaching style is relaxed, professional and individually 'tailored' to each student.

Zoom Drum Lessons

If you've always wanted to learn drums, don't let a pandemic put a stop to your dreams.  Why not try a Zoom drum lesson?  You don't need to be a technical wizard, as I can walk you through the whole set up, from the type of drum kit you need if you haven't got one, right through to the technical side of things, which there aren't too many.

If you have an acoustic or electric drum kit, either type are suitable. Maybe you just want to chat through the potential of having drum lessons online first?  Feel free to call anytime on 07768 292514, or click the 'Contact Me' tab at the top the page.

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Contact Me

  • 6 Canada Close, Marley Way, Banbury, Oxon OX16 2RD



Yamaha DTXplorer

I teach on two top of the range Roland TD-17 KVX electronic drum kits (top video) positioned side by side, so it doesn't matter if you're right or left handed, I have a set up for you.  For children between the ages of 5 and 7, I use a dedicated Yamaha DTXplorer (bottom image).  It's a top quality and very durable kit and is a perfect starter kit for little drummer boys and girls!  I also have an acoustic set up for more advanced players but I will be upgrading this in the near future to the Tama 'Star' Maple kit, which is as 'top of the line' as you can get.  

Each TD-17 has its own dedicated Alesis Strike 12 Amplifier, which has an enormous 2000 watts of power and is specifically designed for all electronic drums in including Roland but can equally be used for acoustic set ups too. It is THE best drum amplifier on the market and it'll take your playing experience to a whole other level of enjoyment.  I also use Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones which are the best you can get and reduce the sound by 25 decibels, so if you're concerned about ear damage, do worry, I have the best ear protection...designed by drummers, for drummers and will accommodate all age ranges and sizes. 

COVID-19 Safe

COVID-19 Safe
It's been a hell of a lifestyle change since Feb 2020 to say the least, so I just wanted to reassure you that I have reconfigured my teaching room to be COVID-19 safe.  

I have added a Freestanding Protective Plastic Screen Divider, exactly like the picture to the right, or above if browsing on a mobile, that stands between both kits.  For additional protection, I will be wearing an industry recommended protective face mask too.  A 'one in, one out' policy will be in operation, so parents and/or individuals, will have to remain in their car until I text or call to come in. This is so I have time between each student to hygienically clean the drum kits, sticks or any other surface that may have been touched.  Also, to keep a constant air flow throughout the room, two windows will be open at all times.

Normally, I am happy for parents to sit in on a lesson if they wish to do so, but this will have to be put on hold until further notice, just so I can minimise the chance of potential viral transmission.  The only exception to this rule is on the first lesson because as a Father myself, I understand some children and/or young adults, feel more comfortable with their parents with them, so I will do my best to make you feel happy, comfortable and confident for your next lesson.

If you have any questions regarding my COVID-19 drum lesson set up, please ask and I'll be happy to have a chat with you in more detail.

Drum Gift Voucher

Drum Gift Voucher
If you're looking for a 'unique' Birthday or Christmas present for someone special, or perhaps you know someone who's always talked about learning the drums...'one day'.  Why not buy them a 30, 45 minute or 1 hour drum lesson voucher?  If this sounds like a great idea, simply contact me using the contact form below and I'll send out a personalised voucher by post with your special message, to arrive on the day of your choosing.  

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